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Raspberry Smoothie

…Bella and Poppy were busy playing in the sandpit. I had some bananas needing to be eaten, a few oranges in the fruit bowl.. and it was almost time…

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Carrot and Orange Juice

Carrot and Orange Juice – Beat those Bugs!

…nourishing. It almost feels like sipping sunshine… Ingredients: 600g washed carrots – keep the skin on 2 x Oranges. Blood oranges in January/ Feb time – rind removed and cut…

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Mince pies

Mince Pies – Carrot and Cranberry

…your food processor 150ml Orange juice – juice of approx. 3 oranges 125g Sultanas 125g Currants 125g Soft brown sugar 100g Cranberries 70ml Rum/ Almond liquor – Optional for adults…

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Immune Booster Juice with straw

Orange & Pineapple Immune Boosting Juice

…help: Squeezing the oranges Feeling and tasting the pineapple for ripeness Pouring the juice into your container for whizzing Putting the chopped pineapple in the container for whizzing  …

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Higher Nature Tips

Top Tips for Healthy Kids From Higher Nature

…from sources other than quick fixes like sugary sweets and drinks. Balancing their blood sugar levels is essential, so including protein and wholegrains at each meal will help to slow…

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Immunity foods in a heart

Boost Your Child’s Immune System

…immune system is activated to defend us. This system is an intricate network of cells and organs including the skin, lymph, blood, thymus and gut all of which act to…

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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson – From I Quit Sugar

…bacteria, fighting white blood cells and wreaking havoc for up to five hours after ingestion. It also interferes with the absorption of Vitamin C, one of the essential nutrients for…

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School Lunches: No Kidding

…it is protein, which satiates hunger and balances blood sugar levels by evening out the glycaemic load of foods. Zinc, an essential nutrient for cellular growth and repair, is also…

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