Issy Langly-Smith – Founder of Kiddie Cubes


Wholesome, home-made food for busy mums, Kiddie Cubes are highly nutritious, frozen meals for babies aged four to seven months.

Food For Kids is very grateful to Issy for taking 5 minutes out of her busy schedule to give us an insight into launching a new food business whilst raising a young family.

Nutritional therapist and Mum, Issy Langly-Smith knows a thing or two about the challenges of weaning, and offering a range of different flavours to see your little one through from breakfast to dinner, Kiddi Cubes offers a tasty and healthy experience.

Launch Date?  15th December 

Where are your products available? and and Asda’s Coventry SuperStore and Newlyns Farm Shop in North Warnborough, Hampshire.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

Really it was as simple as wanting to make life easier, without compromise for parents.

Can you tell our readers a little more about the process to help create these healthy and tasty meals?

Ingredients and maintaining their nutritious value is the most important thing – KiddieCubes is committed to using organic ingredients to ensure all our products are as pure and wholesome as possible. It is important to us to have a credible supply chain, with supply partners we can really trust.  The farms we work with take huge pride in their organic credentials as well as the welfare of their animals. All of our produce suppliers manage every aspect of the supply chain themselves. Our KiddieCubes range has been approved by the Organic Food Federation.

The ingredients are the starting point, we then gently cook them, exactly as you would do at home and then the meals are then snap frozen to capture all the goodness.


What is your ethos behind the brand?

Make weaning easy for mums and dads and nutritious for babies.  Start babies’ eating experience well by giving them real food.

Can you tell us any exciting projects you may be working on?  

I dream about new recipes all the time (call me obsessed!!), so we are really hoping to watch KiddieCubes grow and add to our range with new stages for different ages.

Can you share any of your favourite rainy day activities with the kids?

Cooking, cooking and more cooking…I remember growing up, doing lots of it and I am sure that is partly where my love of food comes from, so I hope my kids feel they get the same.  Being boy dominant, there is also quite a bit of den building that goes on in our house and yesterday I found a roll of wrapping paper being used as a field in a make believe farm! As you can imagine, our house isn’t immaculate!



Any top tips on how to juggle being a working mum?  

Great support – I am very lucky because I have a lot of support from my family and friends. I also think somehow creating a stable environment for the children whether I am there or not is important.  They also know I always get home at teatime. I also try to not get bogged down with chores when I am not working and spend time playing with the kids….chores can wait (or be done once they are in bed).

What top food and nutritional tips would you give mums who aren’t confident in the kitchen?  

However simple, keep the plate as colourful as possible, if every thing on the plate is ‘beige’ quickly chop up some cucumber and tomatoes to change that!

Can you give our readers any favourite family friendly haunts?

We love outdoor things, somewhere easy like a National Trust house and gardens or Forestry Commission – often they have loads going on for the kids.  Our favourite local to us is Alice Holt Forest.  My kids love animals and farms, so Finkley Down Farm Park (again Hampshire) is great – quite a treat though.

When you’re not busy working and on mummy-duty, what do like to do to unwind and relax?  

I love playing tennis – particularly with girl friends when it is half tennis, half chat! Generally socialising with friends and family – and having a few conversations that are uninterrupted by ‘Mummy’….

What advice would you give our readers who want to start their own business?

Surround yourself by people better than you and say yes to most things and work out the details later – where there’s a will theres a way!

What’s your motto?

Hmmm…..not sure I have one… or the brand?  For me it would be ‘family first’, the brand it would be ‘high on health, low on guilt’.

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