5 Minutes with Muesli Guru & Super-Mum Sally from Farmer Jo

Founder of Farmer Jo, the wonderful Muesli Guru and Mum, Sally Tulloch talks ‘Breakfast’ and shares her tips for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast.

Thanks for your time Sally, I know you are a busy mum; juggling your expanding business Farmer Jo with your husband Scott and 2 gorgeous girls, Olivia (4) and Frankie (2).

What makes a great kids breakfast for you?

  • Food they will eat
  • Food that is good for them (and me too, for the days when I end up eating breakfast for 3!)
  • Food that is quick and easy

Being a busy working mum what do you feed your kids for breakfast?

Mon to Fri is typically a mix of muesli or bircher, fresh fruit and homemade probiotic yoghurt, made in various ways.

Something fun we do is ‘Breakfast eggs’. It’s really quick, simple and fun for kids.

Using our recycled egg cartons (1/2 doz.), I put different ingredients in each one, (blueberries, yoghurt, muesli, apple slices, etc.) They can have fun mixing them together or just eating them individually and voilà! 9 times out of 10 they gobble it all up.

Do you have any tips for accommodating different diets? (gluten free etc..)

It is amazing how many good ‘diet considerate’ breakfast options are now available, so making a trip to your local wholefoods store would be a great start.

There is also a wealth of gluten free, nut free, and vegan recipes to be found online. My current favourite would be www.greenkitchenstories.com (obviously in addition to my new favourite Food For Kids!)

How does working in the food industry affect your perception of what quality food is? 

Quality is often hard to identify and often confusing in the commercial world of food so my attitude is KISS!  ‘keep it simple stupid’.

I look at product ingredients. It simply doesn’t need 100 ingredients, so be wary of products that do.

We don’t support animal cruelty so choose where we shop for meat, fish and diary supplies carefully.

We buy local wherever possible, we are blessed with the foods available in Australia.

I think you can buy great produce without it being organic  –  shopping seasonally and from places you trust.

How does this affect what and how you feed your family?

My husband and I  make as much food as we can by for our family, then we know exactly what has gone into it.

I do a weekly meal plan and then buy what we need. I find this really helps in controlling our food budget and also means I don’t have to think about it during the week.

We have a herb garden, it’s only just been planted but I can’t wait to start using it! I would love to grow more but we only have a small space for plants. Olivia and Frankie loved helping us create it – I don’t think I’ll leave all the watering up to them though or it wont last long!

Food For Kids loves your Breakfast Eggs idea Sally – Thanks for taking time out of your busy kitchen to share your ideas with us.

Keep watching Food For Kids for one of Sally’s favourite mueslis….

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