Food Trends 2015 – For Fashionable and Tasty Foods This Year

food trends 2015

Some people like trade shows, others not so – I LOVE food shows! It was so exciting to walk around the vast halls of the London Excel centre seeing what is in the pipeline and what is going to be hot in the food trends 2015.

It is always so inspiring to speak to others who have quit their jobs and set up a business to follow their dreams… and passionately believe in their product. These people are real food Heroes.

So here we have it – what is trending right now:

1). Pop Corn – flavoured popcorn

2). Crisps – potato crisps, veggie crisps and with the newest entrant fruit crisps

3). Anything Coconut; coconut water, coconut oil, coconut shreds, coconut ice cream, coconut bars….

4). Health fruit bars

5). Cold Pressed Juices – particularly fruit and veggie combos

6). Herbal teas

It really was great to see food trends 2015 with serious enthusiasm in providing better quality, healthier products. We need to support this shift in better eating though our buying and put our money where our mouth is. Thank you small businesses for leading the way and your innovative approach. For the majority of the time we can cook at home – no one adds the love in their cooking that you bring to your family!



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