Your Little Helpers are Great at…

Cooking with kids is fun! Hand over responsibility for as many tasks as possible – kids love it! It makes them feel grown up and empowered and there are so many skills for them to learn whilst helping you out.

Here are some ideas for safe and helpful tasks you can hand over to your little chief. They will really enjoy being involved whether it be independently or with a little help from you. Please note the ages below are a guide only.

1-2 years

  • Sieving
  • Putting chopped veggies/fruit in a roasting tray/ bowl (as long as it hasn’t been preheated in the oven)
  • Tipping weighed ingredients into a mixing bowl
  • Mixing ingredients together in a bowl
  • Decorating cakes
  • Adding toppings such as fruit, nuts, seeds etc. to porridge, yoghurt or pancakes
  • Sprinkling cheese and toppings on to a pizza
  • Whisking eggs with a fork or hand whisk
  • Picking herbs
  • Peeling sweetcorn

2-4 years

  • Rolling and cutting out shapes in pastry or shortbread
  • Scooping mixture into bowls/cupcake holders
  • Rubbing together butter and flour for scones or crumble topping
  • Kneading dough (well they might not exactly knead it but they certainly love playing with it!)
  • Crumbing fish or chicken
  • Peeling cooled hard boiled eggs
  • Cracking eggs into a bowl (just give them a chance!)
  • Mashing banana (good for banana bread or as an extra ingredient in pancake batter)
  • Cleaning. Give them a sponge and they’ll love to help clean up and if you have space by your sink get them their own washing up brush – get into good habits early on!

4-6 years

  • Grating cheese
  • Using small scissors to chop up soft items e.g. cheese, pastry, spinach stalks

Please share your ideas below in the comments box. I’d love to hear what tasks your children enjoy in the kitchen!

Happy cooking x





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