Easy Egg Seeds!

Growing a seed from an egg shell

This ‘Grow a seed from an egg idea‘ is so easy and suitable for even the smallest of gardeners!

Your little one will enjoy full responsibility for their egg seeds; nurturing and watering. It will only be a matter of days before little shoots start to appear – so exciting for inquisitive minds and a reminder for big minds about the wonders of nature and the effects of feeding your precious seeds well.

If you have time – why not get your artist to paint your egg? A great activity for half term.


Egg shells – rinsed. Simply crack your egg as closed to the top as you can – The egg can be used for french toast!

A handful of soil – more if doing a few eggs

A couple of seeds e.g. cress, sprouts per egg

An old egg box


  • Decorate your clean egg shell – if you have time
  • Fill your egg shell with soil to 1cm below the top
  • Sprinkle a few seeds
  • Water so the soil is moist – careful not to flood it!
  • Sprinkle a little soil over the seeds
  • Place in a sunny place such as a window sill
  • Check your seed daily and water as required
  • When your egg seed is fully grown trim your harvest with scissors and enjoy as a garnish with your tea! We love ours on our pizza.

Painting Egg box

Getting messy painting!

Seed planting in an egg shell

Egg seed sprouting

Harvest Time

How kids can help:

  • Kids can do everything (although they might need a little help!)

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