Easy Urban Gardening for Kids

Easy Urban Gardening for Kids

You might have a veg patch, possibly a balcony or if not, definitely a window – so there are options for everyone to garden! Just bring on the sunshine.

It is a wonderful, exciting adventure to plant a seed with a child. To water it, give it sun and love and watch it grow. What a beautiful life skill to learn.

Herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary and parsley are good plants for beginner gardeners. They can be harvested easily and used in the kitchen in many recipes. For the more adventurous, strawberries are fun.

If you can’t wait for your harvest, just buy a pre-grown plant from your supermarket or local garden centre. There are also kits available from supermarkets and hardware stores that contain everything you need – the soil, seeds and pot. Couldn’t be easier!

For a DIY version get those little hands covered in soil and use old pots e.g. yoghurt pots. Make a couple of small holes in the bottom for drainage then fill with soil to approx 2cm below the rim. Help your budding gardener to pop the seeds in and cover with soil. Press down gently and water, preferably with a mist spray bottle to avoid washing the seeds away. Care for your plant as per the instructions on the seed packet. Your gardener may even want to design a beautiful label!

Go little green fingers! x


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