Home Made Kitchen Cleaner Recipe from Holistic Wellbeing Aromatherapy Guru Jenny Ostling

Kitchen Cleaning

Jenny is one of the most passionate and beautiful aromatherapists on this planet. Jenny looks both inward and outward in her ways to helping others achieve a healthier and happier life.

Following the recent success of Jenny’s workshop in Hong Kong on ‘Essential Oils for Everyday Use’ Jenny is keen to share her brilliant ideas for home made kitchen cleaners. Bin those harsh, toxic cleaning chemicals and see how simple, effective and budget friendly making your own kitchen cleaner can be.


1/2 cup Kombucha or white vinegar if you don’t have Kombucha (Kombucha is a raw, fermented, probiotic and slightly carbonated tea that is simple and easy to make at home)

1/2 cup water

A few drops of essential oils. Jenny’s favourites are Tea tree and Lavender but others will work well too.

  • Tea tree is a great as it is highly antiseptic and antibacterial or 
  • Lavender is more floral but also has antibacterial properties


Add all your ingredients to a spray bottle (Jenny prefers to use a glass spray bottle if possible) and gently shake to mix the ingredients.

Tips:  For the Kombucha you will need to get hold of a scoby to start brewing it (yes that’s the technical term for starter culture!) Your local health food shop will probably stock the scoby of Kombucha or you will be able to find it online. 

Jenny is a huge fan of Kombucha stating that it has lots of great uses around the home. Being full of healthy probiotics and enzymes it’s also a great food ingredient.

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Note – This recipe is intended for families with full health.


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