Tips for Organising your fridge

Organising your fridge has multiple benefits:

It reduces the risk of cross contamination. In extreme cases this can result in food poisoning. Also contamination can make mild tasting food smell of stronger smelling food. Watch out for those curries!

It is cost effective. Less food waste from out of date items getting lost at the back and being thrown out.

It is more efficient. Much faster to find ingredients.

So here are the basics:

  1. Keep cooked food and raw food separate.
  2. Keep ingredients in sealed containers or cling wrapped bowls.
  3. Cooked food should always be on a higher shelf in the fridge than raw food – This is because any bacterial contamination from the raw food dripping or touching the cooked food will be killed when the raw food is cooked.
  4. Keep food classes together e.g. cheeses, dairy, jams etc..
  5. Put your new shopping to the back of your fridge so that you use existing food first.
  6. Clean your fridge regularly.

It makes you feel great, looking at a healthily stocked, organised fridge!

Happy organising x




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