What is Biodynamic all about?

You may have seen it on a wine bottle but it is becoming increasingly popular with other produce. So what is Biodynamic all about?

Biodynamic is a method of organic farming with an holistic approach. The techniques embrace the biological, spiritual and social needs of plants and animals. In short, this means it not only takes into account the final product as is the case with organic farming but the entire approach. In choosing to consume biodynamic produce you are electing to minimise your toxic intake, maximise your nutritional intake and care for the sustainability of the land in the long term.

Biodynamic principles have been around since 1924 when they were first outlined by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher. As our awareness of toxicity in our environment has grown, and the impact of intense farming has increased, so has the popularity of these principles.

Demeter International is the largest certification body for biodynamic produce. You are most likely to find certified products in health food stores although you may well recognise the baby food brand Holle which produces certified biodynamic organic products, which is widely available.

I am sure we will be seeing a lots more biodynamic  products in our shops in the future…


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