The Tasting Game – Holiday Entertainment!

Tasting game

If you are a parent you are probably bracing yourselves for the Easter holidays – on the one hand great no more rushing your kids through breakfast and running down the lane to get to school on time…. but goodness now to keep them engaged, busy and away from the i-pad for a couple of weeks!

Generations have played the tasting game – it’s perfect for all ages and a great way to encourage little taste buds to become more adventurous!

How to play the tasting game

  • One player will be the organiser – this player will select the foods to be blind tasted. It is worth checking if there are any foods anyone really dislikes or allergies as the aim is for everyone to enjoy this!
  • Prepare a nibble of each food for each player and keep these away from the player’s sight
  • Blind fold the players
  • Place each piece of food in each player’s mouth, wait until all players have tasted the food until they share their thoughts – I would recommend starting with savoury foods before moving on to sweet foods

tasting game food

It can be very amusing some of the answers and sometimes quite challenging to recognise a taste without looking at the food first – even some very easy foods can be difficult to recognise! Sometimes children find foods which they think they are less keen on – they actually love!

Hand over responsibility and let older children organise the ‘competition’ get those organising skills going from an early age.

You will get a laugh out of everyone – I guarantee it!

Useful examples of foods:

 * Think taste intensity, texture, temperature *






Honey – a little drizzle on a spoon



Ice cream






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