Brompton Food Market

Brompton Food Market

When you discover something very special you need to shout about it. That is exactly how I feel about Brompton Food Market. I actually came across this wonderful place when it had just opened – I just needed to get my website into gear to do it justice!

Brompton Food Market might appear at first glance to be a mini supermarket – obviously only stocking the best tasting brands for the real food devotee. However step inside, past the fresh veg and fresh fish counter, past the charcuterie and shelves of fine food and you will find a wonderful, fully enclosed secret garden. Sheltered by a huge heated, lit-up canope, sit outside on sheepskin rugs, with extra blankets for warmth while your kids run around safely this place is truly unique.

I am fully aware of quite how good their coffee is – but just to confirm their standards haven’t changed I order one – this is truly the best coffee I have ever had in this country. For me that is a massive statement as I am the fussiest coffee drinker I know and I really love coffee!

The menu offers both hot and cold food – and you can tell is definitely a menu designed by a chef. Sandwiches include duck mousse with pear and walnut chutney, £6 and fresh hand-picked Newlyn crab with pea shoots and mayo £7.50. There are daily specials ranging from £5 – £15, platters; charcuterie, smoked fish and cheese, fresh pasta, pastries and seasonal salads. Not to mention ice creams.

Owners Luke and David work here every day making sure their high standards are maintained. The staff are so devoted you will even find cambridge graduates and rumour has it Dads that a female model is one of their most devoted staff!

I sit down with David who explains how he and Luke left their jobs to follow their passion and start their dream business. David, who is a father of 3 quickly explains that nothing is ever too much trouble as all orders are freshly prepared  – fussy eaters are totally welcome here and they will always try and put something together, ‘Please don’t be afraid to ask’ says David.

David and Luke have visited all the fish markets and live stock farms to ensure the fishing and farming is as ethical as it is tasty. This really is a foodie heaven where so much love and attention has been poured in.

There is a toilet here, although no baby changer, high chairs are on their way as well as toys for the secret garden.

Brompton is all about good people who love food and enjoy it – I can’t agree more.

Open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday 10am-6pm



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