Banana Ice Cream

Banana ice cream

This banana ice cream is absolutely ideal for kids. It is naturally creamy and smooth, has no added sugar and tastes delicious! Dairy free, economical and easy to make, ice cream doesn’t get better than this! (Unless of course you don’t like bananas!).


Ready to eat ripe (but not over ripe) bananas – ideally 3 – 5 bananas

1-2 tbs Lemon juice


  • Peel your bananas and place on a tray or plate lined with baking paper
  • Brush with lemon juice – this is the secret to stop the banana discolouring
  • Freeze for approx. 40 minutes
  • Blitz until smooth
  • Tip into a container suitable for freezing. Your banana ice cream will be ready 20 minutes later or keep in the freezer and take out 20 minutes before serving

Options: Add coco powder to make chocolate banana ice cream – if your kids have a sweet tooth add a drizzle of maple syrup when you blend your ingredients.  Roll in a small dish of sprinkles or chopped toasted nuts for fun!

Sliced banana

Banana ice cream Bananaicemagi1DSC_0386

Enjoying banana ice cream scrapings

Banana ice cream scrapings

How kids can help:

  • Peeling your bananas
  • Slicing your bananas – depending on age and with supervision
  • Juicing your lemon
  • Brushing banana slices with lemon juice
  • Enjoying!



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