Breakfast Bars – simply divine from Dr Libby!

Super healthy breakfast bar

These delicious breakfast bars are adapted from a lovely recipe by Dr Libby. This is pure Sydney food to me – great tasting, simple and really nourishing. These yummy bars make a great quick breakfast, snack or, I have to admit, I love them with an espresso after lunch, they really hit the spot! Make a batch of these simple, no bake breakfast bars and keep them in your fridge or freezer. The only down side is they don’t travel well, as they melt – so eat straight from the fridge or freezer.


100g Sultanas

75g Shredded coconut

75g Pumpkin seeds

75 Sunflower seeds

75g Linseeds

4 tbs Tahini

4 tbs Hazelnut meal or almond meal

4 tbs Honey (preferably raw honey)

2 tbs Coconut oil

1 tbs Water

1tsp Ground cinnamon


  • Line a tray approx 25cm x 17cm with cling film
  • Whiz all the ingredients in your blender until they start to bind
  • Tip into the tin, evenly spread and press down
  • Leave in freezer until firm
  • Cut into slices and store in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer

Options: Don’t worry if you are slightly short of one ingredient, just top up with something similar. For example a nut for a nut or raisins for cranberries etc.

How kids can help:

  • Kids will love helping you weigh out the ingredients and tipping them into your blender
  • Ask your helper to press the mixture firmly down into the tray

Check out Dr Libby for more of her delicious recipes


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