Carrot and Orange Juice – Beat those Bugs!

Carrot and Orange Juice

We are doing everything we can to fight off winter bugs! Last week we were bogged down in virus – although the girls seemed absolutely fine – charging around the house with temperatures that almost gave me heart failure whilst I lay pretty much horizontal on the floor!

What we eat is so important to prevent and help our bodies fight nasties. My juicer has never worked so hard.

I appreciate many people won’t have juicers but if you are considering one I hope this will persuade you to go ahead and buy it! It is such a brilliant way of packing extra goodness into your diet in a way that kids love. If you haven’t already, check out our review of the latest juicers.

I find the key to this carrot and orange juice is enough sweetness to make it appealing and enough veggie juice to be wonderfully nourishing. It almost feels like sipping sunshine…


600g washed carrots – keep the skin on

2 x Oranges. Blood oranges in January/ Feb time – rind removed and cut into quarters

1 x Apple – skin on, chopped into slices

1.5cm piece of ginger – optional

Makes 3 large glasses


Add all the ingredients to your juicer – following the manufacturers instructions. Give you juice a mix and test the taste. Add more fruit if you prefer it sweeter.

Tips – quantities are a guide only so use what you have.

How kids can help:

  • If old enough, chopping up your fruit and veggies
  • Helping to add the ingredients to your juicing chute
  • Taste testing!

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