Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Do you have spare chicken left over from you Sunday roast? These easy rice paper rolls will turn your left overs into the perfect lunch box meal. You might even find your kids want to make their own – how great would that be?!


Shredded Chicken – the equivalent of one small cooked chicken breast

1 x Small carrot sliced into thin strips using a peeler then cut into strips

50g Approx. of Cucumber, watery core removed, then chopped into thin strips

Approx. 12 Mint leaves

Rice paper sheets


  • Prepare all your ingredients – the key is to have a clean workspace and everything ready
  • Soak your rice paper in water – per the instructions on the packet
  • Place a little chicken, some carrot and cucumber strips and mint leaf on your rice paper on the end closest to you. Roll once, then fold in the sides, roll the remainder and it will hold
  • Serve with sweet chilli dipping sauce



Options: Add any ingredient you like – the method is the same!

Tips: Make sure the rice paper is thoroughly soaked or it will crack

How kids can help:

  • Shedding the chicken
  • Picking the mint from your herb pots
  • Peeling the carrot and cucumber
  • Arranging the ingredients in the roll and rolling it up!

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls


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