Chocolate Booja Booja Style!

Booja Booja Style chocolate

There are plenty of delicious treats in the sugar free, dairy free zone – and you certainly don’t have to be following those diets to enjoy them.

Have you noticed an obscene amount of lycra running around? Or is it just me wishing I was..?!! Certainly the new year detox is well and truly underway and the enthusiasts are going strong. I love it when I see friends and family embrace the whole ‘healthy living’ culture, it’s a bit like a trap – once you fall in, there is no way out and you just want to keep on improving as you feel energised and glow!

This Booja Booja style chocolate recipe is one of my absolute favourite quick recipes (sorry I know it’s really annoying when people say this but it really is!) and I make many versions of it, using whatever I have in the cupboard. Just keep the 3 core ingredients. This really is a delicious and healthy snack that even fussy eaters will love.


10 Medjool dated approx. 160 g with stones removed

100g Cacao butter

40g Cacao powder

Optional: nuts (even caramelised nuts!), seeds, dried fruit to sprinkle on top or mix in


  • Gently melt your cacao over a very low heat
  • Add your dates, melted cacao butter and cacao powder to your blender and blitz until you have a smooth mixture
  • Pour or spoon into an ice cube tray or lined tray, add any toppings and leave to set in the fridge. If you would prefer chocolate balls, wait until the mixture firms up and roll your balls. Ideally leave for a couple of hours if you can!

How kids can help

  • Measuring the cacao butter and powder
  • Counting the dates
  • Removing the stones from the dates
  • Pouring the chocolate mixture into the ice cube tray
  • Taste testing!

…and if you don’t have time to make these, the closest chocolates are Booja Booja!


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