Coconut and Cashew Bounce Balls

Delicious Coconut & Cashew Balls

The inspiration for these delicious coconut and cashew bounce balls actually came from re-engineering a snack that I had purchased (I have to confess!). I love a toffy, nutty flavour but wanted a snack without all the nasties and one that would give natural energy – not to mention better value for money.┬áThese delicious power snacks will keep your kids bouncing around all day (that’s a warning!)


150g Medjool dates

50g Unsalted cashew nuts

20g Shredded coconut

1tbs Peanut or other nut butter

5g Puffed quinoa or similar

1 tsp Honey

Makes approx 10 balls


  • Add all ingredients to the blender
  • Whizz until chopped and the mixture starts ‘coming together’
  • Squeeze into balls
  • Store in an air tight container somewhere cool

Options: Try roasting your cashews for a toasted, sweeter nut flavour (although raw nuts are more nutritious).

How kids can help

  • Ask your helper to squeeze the mixture into balls

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