Courgette Pasta

Child eating courgette pasta

I would say there is a pretty high chance your kids like pasta – am I right? Courgettes are in season right now in the UK, so they are sweet, delicious and inexpensive. (Aussies I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until December!) Make this for kids tea and save some for Mum and Dad later. Granny and Grandpa have courgettes coming out of their ears (almost!) so we have been lucky enough to be on the receiving end for quite a few. This would also be great with yellow courgettes.


Small courgettes (nice and firm, no longer than 15cm)

Pesto – see FFK Basil pesto recipe

Parmesan shavings to garnish

Toasted pine nuts – optional

Basil leaves – shredded – optional


  • Top and tail your courgettes
  • Using a peeler, create strips of courgette
  • Thinly slice to give the appearance of noodles (or use a vegetable julienne peeler for instant results!)
  • Cook for a minute in boiling water – run under cold water to cool
  • Drain thoroughly
  • Spoon your pesto through the courgette pasta
  • Add any optional ingredients


Options: Add other veggies to this dish – as you would with pasta. Sprinkle seeds in to really pack in extra nutritional value.

How kids can help:

  • Show your child how to select a beautifully ripe courgette. Gently squeeze it to check the firmness, look for bruising, assess the colour and smell
  • If you child is old enough, they will enjoy peeling the courgette
  • Mixing pesto through the pasta
  • Adding any optional ingredients
  • Serving out their dinner themselves

Note: This is a fun messy dinner so make sure you haven’t got a white top on!



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