Crumbing Alternatives

Crumbing Alternatives

We tend to think of ‘Crumbing’ using breadcrumbs – but really there are plenty of other crumbing alternatives. Some breads aren’t an option due to intolerances and diet choices, so here are a few other ideas.

Simply ‘crumb’ in the same way; dust in flour, dip in egg – whole or just the egg white, then roll in your ‘crumb’. These options will give slightly different textures and mildly different tastes but we think they are all delicious and more than acceptable!

Fish Fingers Crumbed


1). Shredded coconut – this gives a wonderfully sweet, almost nutty taste and a lovely crispy crumb. A great way to incorporate the wonderful coconut superfood into your diet.

2). Almond Meal/ Ground almond – a mild delicate nutty taste which is packed with far more goodness than flour or bread.

3). Quinoa flakes – a neutral flavour that is highly nutritious and gets the job done quickly. A little pricey in the UK though.

4). Wholemeal/ Rice/ Spelt flour – never fear flour is always here, in every cupboard! Just fully dust your item to be crumbed and this will be a good back up!



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