Easy Chocolate Easter Nest

Easter Nest with chicken

You will hear me say this all the time – but I just love home-made gifts! This little easy chocolate easter nest can be made with (almost) anything… and a bit of chocolate.

Paint a little shop bought polystyrene egg – as part of an Easter activity, or you could use a chocolate egg or make a 5 minute chocolate egg. Find a little shop bought chicken and wrap in cellophane. Granny and Grandpa will be so impressed.

Happy days!


Plain milk or dark chocolate

Shredded coconut, flax seeds, chopped mixed nuts etc…


  • Prepare a small mould or a mince pie tray lined with cling film
  • Break your chocolate up into small pieces and set over a bain-marie
  • Choose you ingredients
  • When your chocolate is ready mix in your ‘ingredients’.  You can add as many ingredients to the chocolate so long as it generously covers these ingredients – so when it sets will hold it all together
  • Place a tbs in a small mould or lined mince pie tray and push gently to the sides
  • Allow to set – this can be speeded up by placing in the fridge

Choc Melting

Easter Nest Mixing

Easter nest moulds

How kids can help:

  • Breaking the chocolate up
  • Mixing the melting chocolate (occasionally)
  • Choosing the extra ingredients e.g. coconut, flax, chopped nuts
  • Mixing the ingredients with the melted chocolate
  • Spooning the chocolate mixture into the moulds
  • Decorating any egg or making the 5 Minute Chocolate Egg
  • Gift wrapping in cellophane

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