Infused Oils – The Perfect Gift For A Foodie

Infused Oils

Infused oils are great for adding a subtle extra flavour. You wouldn’t believe how easy they are to make. These simple infused oils make the perfect homemade gift for a foodie.


Olive oil

Your choice of flavour: Dried whole chilli, peeled garlic cloves, rosemary, lemon peel etc..

Small oil bottle


  • Measure out the volume of olive oil required to fill your bottle(s)
  • Ensure your flavour is clean and dry e.g if it is rosemary from the garden give it a quick rinse under the tap
  • Gently warm the olive oil in a pan with your choice of flavour to infuse
  • Allow to cool and decant just the infused oil into your bottle
  • Add a fresh sprig/ clove or spice to your oil bottle and tighten fully
  • Store somewhere cool
  • Be sure to tell the lucky recipient of your gift it’s best consumed within one week*

*Store bought infused oils are commercially sterilised with brine or vinegar to prevent bacterial growth. It is the water in the flavouring ingredient which is a risk for bacterial growth. To reduce this risk you could use commercially preserved flavours or dry flavours.

How kids can help

  • Choosing the flavour and bottle
  • Decanting the cool oil
  • Popping a fresh flavour into the bottle
  • Writing a beautiful label

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