Farmer Jo’s Breakfast Eggs

If you are looking for something simple and creative – Farmer Jo’s Breakfast Eggs are a great place to start!


Full fat plain yoghurt

Fresh Berries

Sliced apple

Half a kiwi

Muesli / granola – we think Farmer Jo’s is pretty good (and they haven’t paid us to say that either!)

Egg box carton


  • Add your ingredients to the egg carton – one ingredient per egg hole.

Tips:  Best made fresh

Options:  Coconut yoghurt, frozen berries, a hard boiled egg with toasted soldiers, nuts etc…whatever you like! This is a great breakfast for for fussy eaters and a discrete way to introduce new foods as your little one should find something they like (hopefully!).

How Kids can Help

  • Finding an old egg carton
  • Selecting the food
  • Arranging the food

We particularly love this clever idea as there is no washing up either! Thanks Farmer Jo



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