Pretty Flower Sandwiches

There are hundreds of combinations for pretty flower sandwiches but I hope these inspire you to try something new. Pretty flower sandwiches are perfect for parties and a great way to make lunch boxes more fun!


Brown sliced bread – rolled with a rolling pin to flatten slightly, crusts removed

Cream cheese or humous (note humous will dry out so best used where it is holding ingredients together)

Radish – peeled to give a thin pink skin

Cucumber – sliced to give a thin green skin

Peppers, red and yellow – sliced to give a thin skin

Carrot – thinly sliced

Beetroot (raw) – thinly sliced

Black sesame seeds or chia seeds


  • Using icing cutters, cut out your desired shapes using the different ingredients
  • Spread cream cheese or humous over your rolled bread and cut out your base
  • Arrange your ingredients and use seeds to add detail
  • For the radish, using a small knife cut out a ‘zig zag’ pattern and place a flower on top

Flowers sandwiches illustration









Tips: Cut out ingredients (except bread with spread) in advance and store in the fridge with a damp cloth over the top. Arrange as close to eating time as you can, unless the cream cheese/spread is covered with other ingredients, as it will not last too long. These can be quite fiddly if you choose really small shapes.

Options: use whatever ingredients you like! For example a thin cheddar cheese layer

How kids can help:

  • You best helper will love choosing the ingredients to use
  • Can help wash the ingredients
  • Will enjoy using the cutters to cut out shapes
  • Will enjoy arranging the different shapes

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