Fruit Flower Lollies

Melon Flower Lollies

It’s party season in our house – both Bella and Poppy have birthdays at this time of year. The Star Melon Wands were such a success at Poppy’s party I wanted to do something similar for Bella but slightly different…. so I came up with this Fruit Flower Lolly idea!

Any melon will be fine; Honey dew or Cantaloupe work particularly well – the firmer the flesh the better.

Whether you have friends over for a play date and need ideas for an activity or simply just a pretty snack this is fun to do together.


Melon – a melon 14cm wide will make approx. 10 flowers of 5cm in diameter

Fruit for the flower centre: blueberries, raspberries, small grapes, black berries etc…



  • Cut your melon in half and scoop out the seeds

Melon flower preperation

  • Slice the skin off
  • Cut into 1- 1.5cm slices ensuring it is wide as possible to fit your chosen cutter
  • Cut out your (flower) shapes

Melon flowers preperation

  • Using a pipping nossel end, small shape cutter or apple corer cut out a hole in the centre of your flower
  • Place your chosen fruit in the hole and insert your skewer

Melon flower prep

Melon flowers

  • Stand your melon fruit flowers up in a cup, bucket or similar filled with sugar

Melon flowers Poppy

Tip – Prepare your flowers as close to the party or time of eating as possible, cover with a damp cloth and store in the fridge

How kids can help:

  • Choosing which melon to buy – and showing your kids how to choose a firmer melon, by gently squeezing the end
  • Cutting out the flower shapes with a cutter
  • Arranging the fruit for the core inside the flower
  • Carefully threading the skewer through the fruit
  • Enjoying their fruit flower lollies!

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