Fruit Sticks

Fruit Sticks

These colourful and absolutely delicious fruit sticks totally prove you do not need to be a domestic goddess or have masses of time to provide fun food for your family.

Get your little ones to choose their favourite fruit and create their own skewers. Just watch those little fingers on the pointy ends!


Fruit – ideally several different types. We particularly enjoy:





Banana – if splashed with lemon juice to prevent it discolouring and rolled in dessicated coconut

Tips firm fruit is best if it is to be stored or taken out for a picnic


  • Prepare your fruit: wash, peel and cut into cubs as necessary
  • Skewer your fruit
  • If storing, cover your fruit sticks with damp kitchen paper

How kids can help:

  • Selecting their own fruit
  • Skewering their fruit
  • Enjoying!

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