Fun Melon Lollies

Melon Heart Lolly

These melon lollies always are a great hit with the kids! They’ll probably want to eat the melon cut offs too. Refreshing, nourishing and hydrating – what more can you ask for?! Bring on melon lollies.


Water melon – firm and fresh

Any other melon such as Cantaloupe or Honeydew that has a different colour


  • Slice across your melon in large approx. 2cm thick chunks, removing any seeds
  • Cut your shape out using a cookie cutter, carefully pushing all the way through for a clean cut
  • Using a smaller cutter of the same shape, cut the middle out of your shaped slice
  • Using the smaller cutter again, cut a piece out of your second contrasting coloured melon
  • Insert the contrasting melon’s small shape into the gap in the larger melon slice – it should be a perfect fit.
  • Insert a lolly stick – these hold the nested shapes together.

Tip: Melon lollies are best eaten immediately or, if necessary, can be stored in the fridge upright in a glass, with a damp paper towel over the top. Avoid using plastic lolly sticks as the fruit just slides down.

How kids can help

  • Help cut out the melon shapes
  • Insert the lolly sticks



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