Fun Striped Ice Pops

These great summer ice pops will be a total hit with the kids! They are a bit time consuming to make but totally worth it. Use whatever fruit is seasonal and sweet. Think colour and fun!


Here are some suggestions:

Strawberries – red

Mango – orange

Kiwi – green

Raspberries – pink

Blueberries – purple

Passionfruit (with pips) – yellow

Coconut milk – white

Blackberries – purple


  • Blend washed fruit with a splash of water (approx. 30% of fruit volume – just estimate when you pour it in)
  • Prepare all the flavours your want to use and reserve the blended fruit in individual glasses
  • Pour one layer at a time into old weening trays, ice pop holders, makers etc. and freeze.
  • Pour each layer once the previous layer starts to set (this stops colours mixing).
  • Once you reach the top of your lolly add the stick when it is set enough to hold it in place
  • Return to freezer until completely set
Making striped ice lollies

Making striped ice lollies

Tips: Fewer stripes are less time consuming… Or blend all your fruits together and have one mixed ice pop – you have all the goodness, just quicker to prepare! Mix colours to create your little one’s favourite colours e.g. coconut milk and strawberries = pink!

How kids can help

  • Choose fruit
  • Wash fruit
  • Pour fruit into moulds to create stripes
  • Add lolly sticks

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