Grapefruit – Just As It Is!

Girl eating a grapefruit

We are often so busy in our day to day habits and routines that we sometimes forget to step outside our comfort zone. It was because I had forgotten to cross Grapefruit off my fruit box order that we found them in our fruit bowl. They girls willingly offered to try this new plump, yellow and pink citrus fruit. I was so proud of them being so adventurous – secretly concernedĀ at the possibility they could like something that I thought was so disgusting.

Before I could blink the entire grapefruit had disappeared. They loved it. I scooped out a little of the remaining juice, and found I did too! Feeling slightly guilty about my poor judgement of this fruit, yet so grateful about my ‘grapefruit error’ in our fruit basket, it made me think how much of our own preferences we ‘inflict’ on our children. Do you find you do this too?


Ripe grapefruit – cut in half, across the segments

Coconut sugar or brown sugar to sprinkle


  • Slice your grapefruit in half across the segments
  • Using a cerated knife, gently releaseĀ the flesh
  • Sprinkle a little coconut sugar

How kids can help:

  • Selecting their grapefruit – squeezing it to understand when it is ripe
  • Sprinkling a little coconut sugar over the grapefruit flesh

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