Green Super Smoothie

The inspiration for this green super smoothie recipe came from my local heath store where we were given a taster. Bella and Poppy just couldn’t get enough. Two extremely happy children asking for a drink filled with spinach and avocado made me a very happy mum. So we recreated this amazing smoothie at home – and to this day I am still regularly asked for our Green Super Smoothie!


240ml Coconut milk

1 Roughly chopped ripe mango approx. 220g

1/4 Ripe avocado

30g Washed spinach/kale/chard with stalks removed or 3-4 tbs juice if using a juicer

5 Ice cubes

1tsp (Raw) honey


  • Add all ingredients to a blender and whizz until smooth

Tips: Buy mangoes when they are in season and freeze them already prepared. If using frozen mango no need to add ice cubes.

Options: Add extra honey if you prefer it sweeter and more mango/less coconut milk if you prefer it thicker.

How kids can help

  • If you are picking greens from your garden ask your helper to help harvest
  • Ask your helper to add ingredients to the blender, ensuring the blade is safe and the power is switched off!




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