Witches Fingers – Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy halloween treats

These healthy halloween treats will not only spook your neighbours but these witches fingers will be a welcome healthy halloween treat.

The UK has is catching America up in it’s commercialisation of halloween – it is great fun, and it doesn’t have to have the artificial sugar high…and the obligatory melt downs that follow.


5 Medjool dates with stones removed – approx.35g

35g Cashews – toasted is optional. Any nuts will work just as well.

1 tsp Cacao powder – preferably unsweetened

12 Blanched whole almonds


  • Blitz your nuts and dates until a paste is formed
  • Tip your mixture out and divide into 12 equal pieces
  • Roll into the shape of fingers- larger at one end and small at the other
  • Place a blanched almond over the thinner end to represent a finger nail
  • Using the back of a knife add a couple of wrinkle marks; horizontal indentations across the fatter end of the ‘finger’

Halloween Fingers


How kids can help:

  • Removing the stones from the dates
  • Counting the dates
  • Weighing nuts
  • Adding the ingredients to the blitzer
  • Dividing the mixture into 12 equal parts
  • Rolling the fingers out
  • Adding the blanched almonds
  • creating the ‘wrinkles’
  • Spooking their friends!





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