Heavenly Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Balls

These little heavenly feather light popcorn balls came from a need to create a fun snack that was nut free and not cake – to celebrate birthdays with friends at school.

You won’t believe there are only 2 ingredients… this snack couldn’t be simpler! We drafted in a playdate friend and the girls set to work measuring, tipping, pitting and squeezing and were delighted with their results. The playdate has subsequently been asking when she can next come over… a bit of a result!

This is a great recipe to get children of all ages involved.


Popcorn – home made or purchased. I have to confess I used purchased and chose sweet over salty.

Dates – Pitted. These need to be juicy i.e. not too dried out.

The ratio that worked for me was 7g popcorn to 3 pitted dates but this will depend on your dates.


  • Simply add your popcorn and dates to your food processor and whizz for a minute. The popcorn will breakdown and the mixture will look like breadcrumbs

Pop corn balls Mixture

  • Test to see if you have the right ratio by pressing a little of the mixture together – if it binds it’s ready. You want to incorporate as much popcorn as possible
  • Remove the blade and squeeze into balls
  • Store in an air tight container




…..Busted Poppy Doodle!

How kids can help

  • Pitting the dates
  • Measuring the popcorn and counting the dates
  • Tipping the ingredients into the food processor
  • squeezing into popcorn balls
  • Taste testing

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