Home Made Baked Beans

Home made baked beans in a a bowl

You may not realise that a typical can of baked beans contains as much sugar as a glass of coke! (According to the weaning class I went on a few years ago.) Pretty shocking. So whilst the majority of people don’t have time to make this from scratch, by which I mean soaking your own dried beans and making your own tomato sauce, here is my pull together home made baked bean recipe that takes all of 2 minutes. What a great way of putting you in control of what you are feeding your kids.

Enjoy these beans for breakfast, lunch or tea!


1 tin Cannellini beans

1 tin Peeled, chopped tomatoes

1/2 tsp Paprika

1 tbs Maple Syrup – optional

Salt and Pepper to taste

Makes approx. 5-6 kids portions


  • Add the beans, tomatoes and paprika to a saucepan and allow to simmer gently for a couple of minutes
  • Add maple syrup if using and a pinch of salt and pepper

Options: Enhance the paprika flavour by substituting with smoked paprika. If you like spice add a bit of chilli powder. For a more robust flavour add chorizo before the beans simmer. To make more of a meal add some sliced sausage.

Tip: Add a splash of water to your tin of beans once the contents have been emptied, swirl around to get all those last bits then tip into the saucepan.

How kids can help:

  • Ask your helper to tip the contents of the tins into the saucepan and mix together with a wooden spoon




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