Homemade Popcorn – Bring it on!

Popcorn - the homemade version

Popcorn is fun. There is something about it that makes everyone smile. I love watching Bella and Poppy’s face when the corn starts popping – the sense of excitement and wonder of magic happening in the saucepan!

My husband and I went to the cinema recently and ordered popcorn – it was so revolting we couldn’t eat much. It was SO salty… and tasted nothing like homemade popcorn. Real homemade popcorn is a healthy snack, inexpensive and great for keeping kids occupied!

It is important to note that young children must be watched carefully if they are eating popcorn. No chocking please.


1 tbs Sunflower or Vegetable oil (option 1 only)

55g Corn kernels


Option 1:

  • Using a medium sized saucepan, heat the oil with the lid on until very hot
  • Add the corn kernels and replace the lid
  • Keeping the lid firmly on, shake the saucepan to cover the corn in oil – shake every 30 seconds thereafter to help ensure even cooking
  • After a couple of minutes the corn will start popping!

Option 2:

  • Place kernels in a paper bag in the microwave. Set the timer to 2 minutes (med to high setting). The corn will pop!

I am not a fan of using microwaves but I have to say for this purpose it makes popcorn very very easy.

Options: Popcorn is great as it is. But you can add salt, sugar, spices or even make a caramel sauce which you can add nuts and seeds too… very delicious.

How kids can help:

  • Measuring out the corn and oil

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