Orange & Pineapple Immune Boosting Juice

Immune Booster Juice with straw

There are plenty of bugs flying around at the moment as often happens with the change of seasons. I am trying to keep our immune systems particularly strong right now as we fly to the UK next week. Long haul flights are bad enough without other complications, so I am dosing my girls up with this yummy orange and pineapple immune boosting juice.


200ml Freshly squeezed orange

150g Ripe pineapple roughly chopped

Cinnamon for sprinkling

Makes 350ml – enough for 2 glasses

Options: For young children water this down as it is quite sweet. If you have frozen chunks of pineapple this would make it lovely and refreshing.


  • Just squeeze all the juice out of the oranges then whiz the juice together with the chopped pineapple (I like to use a hand held blitzer)
  • Using a tea strainer sprinkle with cinnamon (this stops lumps)

How kids can help:

  • Squeezing the oranges
  • Feeling and tasting the pineapple for ripeness
  • Pouring the juice into your container for whizzing
  • Putting the chopped pineapple in the container for whizzing



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