Mango Soup For Healthy Kids

Mango Soup

Being the sort of food nerd that I am, I follow quite a lot of international ‘healthy’ bloggers, particularly those for healthy kids. One thing that has been trending is ‘fruit soups’.

Sometimes we have quite thick smoothies at home – without realising that these were actually ‘fruit soups’! A perfect healthy snack,  a dessert or ‘pick-me-up’ drink.

When I see an abundance of a fruit or veggies – usually in season, or on special offer I buy a few. Prepare it and any excess to my requirements I chuck in the freezer in mini portions.

This really does mean for this recipe you can pull it out of the freezer and within a few minutes be enjoying this absolutely ‘divine’ (Bella’s words) fruit soup. Perfect for healthy kids.


The flesh of 1 perfectly ripe mango – preferably alfonso

1 x peeled orange

1 x tablespoon of chopped nuts and seeds – your favourite. Toast your nuts for an extra ‘caramelly’ flavour.

A few crushed frozen raspberries – optional

Make 2 generous kids portions


  • Blitz the mango and orange together – if you are using frozen ingredients you will have a lovely thick creamy consistency. If you are using raw fruit try adding a few ice cubes as this will cool your ‘soup’ and thicken it up.
  • Pour into a cup and sprinkle with your favourite nuts, seeds and crushed raspberries

Mango Soup


How kids can help:

  • Selecting a perfectly ripe mango – either suitable for freezing or for using
  • Adding your mango and orange to your ‘blitzer’
  • Pouring your soup into glasses
  • Garnishing with your lovely fruit soup with nut and seed topping
  • Crushing any raspberries and adding them to the top
  • Letting your healthy kids enjoy!



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