Melon Star Wands

Melon Star WandsMelon Star Wands

These Melon Star Wands were such a success at Poppy’s party that I think you need to know about them! Kids love them, they are great for hydrating little hot faces and they are all natural – win, win for everyone.


Water Melon – seedless is preferred, I couldn’t find any and it didn’t really matter

Blueberries or grapes



  • Select a cut of melon that is wide enough for your chosen shape – I chose stars
  • Slice into 1.5cm thick pieces
  • Cut out your star shape
  • Thread approx. 7 blueberries or grapes onto your skewer followed by the star
  • Stand your melon star wand in a bucket or cup filled with sugar
  • Cover with a damp cloth in the fridge until they are ready to be eaten

Tip: Prepare the melon star wands as close to the party or time to be eaten. They may drip a little. Save any cut offs and blend to make a delicious smoothie.


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