Edible Jewellery – the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Girls making edible jewellery

What better gift can children make their mother for Mother’s Day than beautifully created, edible, healthy jewellery?! Bring on the bling! Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking… edible jewellery can be made with whatever ingredients you like, as long as you can make a hole! A fun activity to enhance co-ordination and motor skills.


Wholemeal cereal hoops

Sliced figs

Sliced apricots


Large raisins etc…

Elastic string


Cut elastic string to the desired length for your jewellery: necklace/ bracelet/ ring

Make a hole with a whisk end/skewer or other kitchen implement – obviously the larger it is the easier to thread

Thread your items and tie with a knot

How kids can help:

  • Your kids will love getting the ingredients ready
  • Threading – and eating!
  • Giving to mum 🙂



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