Orange – Beautiful Segments

Orange Segments

If it often said that we eat with our eyes. Fresh, fun and colourful food looks so much more appealing. Whilst I constantly battle with my kids as to the colour of their plate or their fork – if the food looks inviting it will encourage little mouths to eat it!

This simple orange segment arrangement is quick and only requires 1 ingredient! A great way to encourage fresh fruit and a healthy dose of vitamin C (particularly important for those of us in colder climates!).

Get your helper to arrange their segments – they will love it! Suitable for kids of any age.

This picture was one of my first while I was learning to use my camera but the message of simplicity resonates very clearly with me: simplicity of food.


Fresh Orange


  • Ideally with a cerated knife cut off the skin and the pith from the outside of the orange
  • Slice out the segment from within the walls of the segment’s pith
  • Arrange on your plate

Options: Add other fruit and make a fun arrangement

How your little one can help:

  • Arranging their orange segments

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