Perfect Porridge

Perfect Porridge

I know you can make porridge – but have you had it recently? Have you tried it with almond or coconut milk? There are just so many ways to make porridge and I can see my enthusiasm for porridge evolving as I discover more ways to create this simple, wholesome dish. Last week I discovered a raw buckwheat fruit porridge from Green Kitchen Stories and I will definitely be sharing my take on this with you soon! But for those who like oats, the traditional way, here is a little reminder of their magic.


75g Porridge oats – I prefer quick cook

420ml Liquid: almond milk/coconut milk/full fat cows milk/water etc.

Toppings: fruits/nuts/berries/honey/coconut sugar/maple syrup etc.

Makes 2 kid sized portions


  • Place the oats and liquid in a small saucepan
  • Heat gently until the oats absorb the liquid, mix occasionally and allow to boil for a minute or two
  • Add further liquid if you prefer a looser consistency
  • Serve with your favourite fruits/berries/nuts
  • Sweeten with honey/maple syrup/coconut sugar

Options: There are so many possibilities! I would encourage you to try different flavour combinations and to utilise what is in season and what needs to be eaten in your cupboard or fridge. For even greater nutritional benefit you could substitute some of the oats for other flakes such quinoa, rye or millet flakes. 

Tip:  Stir through (frozen) raspberries or (frozen) blueberries for pink or purple porridge. The jury is still out whether soaking your oats the night before makes the oats more easily digestible, breaking down the phytates  resulting in better absorption of the nutrients, making less work for little digestive systems. It certainly makes a creamier, smoother porridge though!

How kids can help

  • Your helper can tip the oats and liquid into the water
  • If age appropriate and under careful supervision, they may enjoy mixing the porridge during cooking
  • Once portioned out, all ages will enjoy making their unique flavour combinations with your toppings







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