Pheasant Bacon Bites


When did you last cook something new? When did you last cook pheasant…?

You know that feeling when you buy, cook and eat the same food – you feel frustrated and you are board with your food?! Well that is part of the reason foodforkids started in the first place… to inspire you and to provide a place for me to share my knowledge with you.

But it’s true, everyone gets that feeling – believe it or not, I do to! The important thing is to react and create something new!

As you know I am a big fan of the superb quality of fresh fruit, veggies, fish and meats from Abel and Cole. They always promote seasonal foods so actually it’s quite easy to see whats best.

I haven’t cooked the girls pheasant before…. but it’s very similar to chicken so thought I’d give it a go – totally natural, fresh, inexpensive and seasonal.


Pheasant breast

Thin streaky bacon

Root veggies – peeled and chopped

A little olive oil

Green of your choice

Pomegranate seeds – optional


  • Slice the pheasant breast into strips of approx. 1.5 -2 cm wide
  • Stretch your bacon and wrap around the pheasant strip
  • Heat a frying pan and drizzle a little olive oil
  • Add your pheasant and gently render the fat down until the bacon is perfectly crispy and the pheasant meat is cooked
  • Serve with roast root veggies and a serving of greens and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds
  • For little ones slice the pheasant into bite size pieces

Pheasant wrapped in smokey bacon

Crispy pheasant

How kids can help:

  • Show your kids what a pheasant looks like so they can associate this meat with the bird
  • Ask your helper to wrap the bacon around the pheasant
  • Older children may enjoy peeling the root veggies
  • Rubbing in a little olive oil to the root veggies before they are roasted

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