Raspberry Bites – A Simple Healthy Snack!

Raspberry and yoghurt bites

These yoghurt raspberry bites, made with only 2 ingredients make a delicious, healthy summer snack.

Wimbledon has started, the sun is out, it’s nearly the end of term – life is pretty good! We are finally embracing British summer and it feels great!

I saw this idea for frozen raspberries filed with yoghurt online (afraid I can’t remember where..) but it is so easy and a great way to encourage kids to eat fruit and help them cool down in the heat.



Yoghurt – dairy or non-dairy


  • Wash and dry your raspberries – raspberries have a particularly large surface area so it’s extra important to wash off any chemicals and dirt
  • Line a tray or plate with baking paper
  • Spoon your yoghurt into a piping bag and squeeze into the centre of the raspberry
  • Evenly distribut on y0ur tray then freeze – note this stops them sticking together
  • Once frozen you can transfer your frozen raspberries to a bag, store in the freezer until required

Raspberry bites ingredients


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