The Real Deal – Chocolate Banana Lollies!

Children making Chocolate Banana Lollies

I couldn’t actually help but post this… it’s not quite in keeping with being super duper healthy but we do like to indulge in our house every now and then. Life is for living after all!

The excitement on the faces of Bella and her friend Lilly was magical – real home made chocolate banana lollies! Every bowl, spoon and plate was happily licked clean. Everyone joined in and loved it!


Whole, frozen bananas with lolly sticks inserted lengthways (see picture). Peel, insert lolly stick and brush with lemon juice prior to freezing.

Melted good quality chocolate

Toppings: chopped nuts, seeds, chopped goji berries, sprinkles etc… whatever you want!

Makes approx. 2 – 3 chocolate coated bananas per 200g bar of chocolate (obviously depends on banana size and amount of chocolate applied)


  • Break chocolate up into small pieces
  • Melt chocolate in a bain-marie (a heatproof bowl set over a saucepan of boiled water). Ensure the heat is turned off while the chocolate is melting and the hot water is not in contact with the bottom of the bowl of chocolate.
  • Prepare bowls of toppings
  • Just before assembling, take bananas out of freezer.
  • Drizzle or drip the melted chocolate over the frozen bananas. It will set quickly, so sprinkle toppings over immediately.
  • Enjoy!
Frozen Banana Lollies

Frozen Banana Lollies

Chocolate Banana Lolly

Chocolate Banana Lolly

How kids can help

Kids will particularly love this. They can…

  • Peel the bananas
  • Brush lemon juice over the bananas (to stop them discolouring)
  • Break the chocolate into small pieces
  • Occasionally stir the chocolate to help it melt evenly
  • Prepare the bowls of toppings
  • Dip or drizzle the bananas into the chocolate
  • Decorate the bananas with toppings


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