Red Pesto – Great For Dipping!

Red Pesto

Perhaps you might have a family night in? If you do, why not make a simple red pesto dip for your nibbles – to accompany Mum and Dad’s glass of vino!

Alternatively you can add this red pesto to a sandwich, a bowl of pasta or lunch box snack.


60ml Olive oil

50g Sun dried tomatoes

1/2 a Medium sized pepper roughly chopped

35g Lightly roasted cashew nuts

20g Grated parmesan

A handful of parsley – optional

1/2 a mild chilli finely chopped – optional

1 Garlic clove chopped

1 tbs Lemon juice

A Pinch of black pepper

Makes approx. 200g or enough to fill a medium sized ramekin


  • Add all your solid ingredients, except the parsley, to your food processor and blitz
  • With the motor still running add your olive oil in a steady, slow stream
  • Check the seasoning
  • Add your parsley – I quite like it a little bit chunky but you might like this incorporated so little eyes don’t spot it!
  • Enjoy your red pesto with breadsticks, beetroot crips or crackers!

How kids can help

  • Weighing and preparing your ingredients
  • Adding the ingredients to the food processor – with careful supervision!
  • Taste testing!

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