Refreshing Mint Tea – Love Your Herbs!

A glass of refreshing mint tea

Do your kids love herbs? You are so lucky if they do! Well done you. Herbs are often quite a tricky ingredient for kids to enjoy. Creating a positive affinity with them from an early age is really important as they are so brilliant for adding natural flavour to dishes.

A fresh, natural mint tea can be a great way to introduce mint to a fussy eater – a (home grown) mint tea is such a calming and refreshing drink. Bella and Poppy love drinking mint tea because it makes them feel grown up – but if I sprinkled mint over a tomato salad they’d definitely pick it off!

On a cold day make it with warm water and on a hot day ice cold water with a couple of ice cubes. Make it quite weak initially and build up the ‘mintiness’.  Enjoy drinking your mint tea together whilst hatching a plan for some fun activities!


Fresh Mint leaves – a small handful per cup. Washed.

Warm or cold water


  • Place mint leaves in a cup and pour over warm water. Allow to infuse for a few minutes.

How kids can help

  • Ask your helper to pick their mint from the garden
  • Washing the mint



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