Rice Balls – Fancy and Fun!

Pretty rice balls for kids

These fancy, fun rice balls were inspired by a brilliant old French food magazine that a friend kindly lent to me. They really don’t need much explanation and I am sure you will find lots of ways to adapt them. They just go to show how everyday ingredients with a little imagination can be turned into something simple and fun, not to mention being budget friendly! An inexpensive healthy party food or a fancy lunch box option that is sure to impress your friends.


Sushi Rice (or overcooked white rice that is cooked enough to bind)

Thinly sliced carrot, beetroot, cucumber, radish, pepper etc…

Your favourite herbs from your garden e.g. parsley, dill

Sesame oil and / or soy sauce


  • Cook your rice per the instructions, slightly over if using standard white rice
  • With slightly wet hands, roll rice into bite sized balls
  • Using small cutters/icing sugar cutters or a home made template cut out your preferred shapes
  • Arrange herbs and shapes on the rice balls
  • Serve with sesame oil and/or soy sauce


How kids can help

  • Your little one will enjoy squeezing the rice into bite sized balls
  • Cutting out the shapes with cutters is fun but can be a bit fiddly – older kids will enjoy this

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