Strawberry and Date Slice

Strawberry and fig Slice

I am not sure how to classify this light, clean and highly nutritious strawberry and date slice. It is a cross between an ice cream, a dessert and a snack. Perfect for both kids and adults. I warn you this high addictive, in a good way!


For the base:

80g Mixed nuts either raw or gently roasted at 160˚ for 5 minutes

2 tbs Shredded coconut

3 Dried figs

3 Medjool dates

For the filling:

7 tbs Coconut yoghurt or Greek yoghurt

2 tbs shredded coconut

For the top:

Strawberries sliced

Makes enough to line the base of a loaf tin 20cm long


  •      Line your tin with cling film
  •      Pulse all the ingredients together until the mixture binds when squeezed together


  •      Tip into the tin and press to line it evenly

  •      Mix the yoghurt and shredded coconut then spoon this in and spread over the base

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  •     Arrange the strawberries over the top

  •     Fold the excess cling film over the top of the strawberries and place in your freezer for at least an hour

  •     Remove from the tin and peel off the cling film and slice
  •     If freezing for more than 2 hours remove from the freezer 15 minutes before eating and slice with a sharp knife

How kids can help:

  • Lining your tin with cling film
  • Measuring the ingredients
  • Squeezing the base ingredients together and pressing into the tin
  • Mixing the yogurt and shredded coconut then spreading this over the base
  • Arranging the sliced strawberries
  • Taste testing!

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