Banana Lollies – The Ideal Healthy Treat!

Healthy halloween treat

So you have seen the piles of promoted sweets, candy and everything possible processed under the sun…at the supermarket checkout – and if you are like me, you don’t mind a bit, but it’s kind of got out of control!

These banana lollies are easy to make, inexpensive and super fun, making them the ideal healthy halloween treat.



Lemon juice

Milk chocolate

Lolly sticks

Toppings: sprinkles, chopped toasted nuts, bee pollen, frozen raspberries, seeds – whatever you like and more importantly whatever is in your cupboard.

Banana Lollies


  • Break you chocolate up into small pieces. Place in a bain-marie – this is is simply boiled water in a saucepan with a bowl over the ┬átop containing your chocolate. Allow to melt, stirring occasionally
  • Slice your peeled banana and brush with lemon juice
  • Insert the lolly stick into the sliced banana
  • Dip your banana lolly sticks into the melted chocolate -then sprinkle with your favourite toppings
  • Place in the fridge on a tray covered with baking paper – to set
  • If you want to make this in advance store in the freezer for a few days

Banana Lollies


How kids can help:

  • Peeling the bananas
  • Juicing half a lemon
  • Slicing the banana
  • Dipping the banana in lemon juice – or brushing it with lemon juice
  • Breaking the chocolate into small pieces read to place in the bain-marie
  • Inserting the stick into the banana
  • Dipping the banana lolly into the chocolate
  • Choosing their favourite toppings
  • Sprinkling their favourite toppings over the chocolate
  • Enjoying their home made healthy Halloween treat!

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