Toasted Coconut – the Addictive Supersnack!

Delicious toasted coconut shreds

Food experts, doctors and nutritionists all over the world say how coconut is a superfood. I couldn’t agree more. Dispel those memories of school food and embrace the coconut! This super simple snack is a great way to start – these caramel, nutty flavoured, crunchy shreds will win the hearts of your kids. They even go well with a glass of wine – if there are any left when wine o’clock arrives!


Shredded coconut – the thicker shreds


  • Preheat oven to around 160°C
  • Lay coconut shreds out on a tray
  • Toast for a couple of minutes until golden – they turn quickly!

How kids can help:

  • You helper will enjoy the responsibility of tipping the coconut out and arranging it flat on the baking tray


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