Toffee Apples – For Everyone!

3 Toffee apples

Toffee apples are just one of those wonderful nostalgic childhood foods…. they might help that wobbly tooth finally come out and give us the emotional fulfilment we long for but nutritionally how can we make them better without reducing the pleasure? Here are a few ideas that will suit everyone.

Traditional Toffee Apples


110g Granulated sugar

1/4pt water or 150ml water

2-3 Apples

Any toppings: sprinkles, chopped toasted nuts, shredded coconut etc..


  • Wash the apples in boiling water – to remove any waxy coating. This helps the toffee stick to the apple
  • Prepare a tray with greaseproof paper
  • Insert a twig or stick into the core of the apple
  • Dissolve the sugar in the water over a gentle heat – careful not to let it boil
  • Turn up the heat and let it bubble away until it is at ‘hark crack’ temperature 155˚C. As it starts to turn to a darker colour, take your pan off the heat and quickly dip your apples in to the mixture and coat evenly. Be really careful as the toffee is extremely hot
  • Place you apple on your greaseproof paper to cool


Chocolate Apples


100g Milk chocolate broken into small pieces

2-3 Apples

Toppings: Sprinkles, freeze dried raspberry, sparkly balls etc…


  • Melt the chocolate in a ceramic or glass bowl over a bowl or saucepan containing boiled/ hot water (note away from direct heat)
  • Insert a twig or stick into the core of the apple
  • Prepare a tray with greaseproof paper
  • Once the chocolate is melted allow it to cool slightly
  • Dip your apples in one at a time then coat with your toppings
  • Allow to firm up on greaseproof paper


Healthy Toffee Apples


5 Medjool dates pitted

50g Smooth nut butter

1.5tbs water

1tbs Honey

1 tbs Coconut oil – optional

Pinch sea salt

Make enough toffee for 2-3 apples


  • Add all your ingredients to your blender and whiz until a smooth paste
  • Insert a twig or stick into the core of the apple
  • Using a knife, spread over your apple then dip in your preferred topping – Picture show is with bee pollen. Apparently Victoria Beckham’s favourite ingredient right now!

Store all the toffee and chocolate apples in the fridge, ideally individually wrapped.

How kids can help:

  • Toffee apples – choosing sprinkles. Best made by an adult!
  • Chocolate apples – breaking the chocolate, dipping the apples into the chocolate, dipping the apple into toppings
  • Healthy toffee – measuring the ingredients, spreading the mixture over the apple, dipping the apple in toppings

…..not to mention licking the chocolate and healthy toffee apple bowls!


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